Queen City Conference
Cincinnati's premier security event

November 15th - 17th

The anticipation is unhackable!



Queen City Conference is a 3 day cyber security conference that is held in Cincinnati, Ohio between November 15th - November 17th. It's a conference that is primarily organized by the community for the community and is designed to bring together the best and brightest in the cyber security industry. The conference will feature a variety of speakers, workshops, and networking opportunities. The conference is open to anyone who is interested in cyber security and is looking to learn more about the industry.


Volunteer Vanguards Needed!

Join the ranks of the Queen City Cyber Guardians! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help us fortify the frontlines of cybersecurity knowledge.

Stay & Play

Join the cyber-fun even after hours! Book your stay with our group link and enjoy networking and nocturnal events with fellow cyber-enthusiasts.

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The cyber gates are open! Be an early bird, or should we say, an early byte? Register now and save with our special pricing.


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The mission of Queen City Con (QCC) is to bring an event to the Ohio Valley that will be inclusive of all in the infosec community to provide valuable breakout sessions that combine both presentations and hands on learning to help develop the professional, various villages to provide additional exercises and activities for professionals outside of breakout sessions, and a newly thought of career village that will work with attendees on advice, resume help, mock interviews, and various other topics. All of this is formulated to help address multiple learning styles and other accommodations for everyone to have a good time while learning infosec topics and networking with one another to bolster the community.

Event Details

November 15th - 17th 2024

151 West Fifth Street

Cincinnati Ohio 45202

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